Published 25th November 2022

…And now for the weather

As part of a regular series on the meaning of place names in the Territory, this latest edition focuses on weather inspired Antarctic place names.

Antarctic Place-names map
Credit: British Antarctic Survey

October marks the start of the next Antarctic science season with the wintering teams welcoming people back to stations for the first time since last call in May. Weather plays a significant role in travel in the Antarctic and having good weather conditions is vital for safe travel both to the continent and further into the deep field.

There are several places named after weather conditions across the Territory. Features Dingle Nunatak and Day Nunatak were co-located to highlight the term ‘Dingle Day’ – a clear blue-sky day in Antarctica. Sunshine Glacier was named as, even on cloudy days, there is usually a patch of blue sky above the area that shines a patch of sunlight on the glacier.

Slightly inauspiciously, Weather Guesser Nunataks were named by an aerographer following the US Antarctic Peninsula Traverse in 1961-62. Fingers crossed for good weather and dingle days for the coming season!

For information about British Antarctic Territory place-names and guidelines on how to submit new proposals, visit the Committee website.


With thanks to the British Antarctic Survey for the image and text.