Published 22nd July 2019

Launch of the new BAT Strategy

Black Hut and penguins on rocky terrain with HMS Protector in background at sea with snow covered mountain behind

This month sees the launch of a new 10-year strategy for the British Antarctic Territory (BAT)

Previous strategy

The British Antarctic Territory Strategy 2014-2019 was successful in driving forward the Government’s objectives for the BAT.  A few highlights include:

  • supporting education and outreach projects to raise awareness of BAT and the UK’s role in Antarctica;
  • working closely with a range of stakeholders to better understand environmental factors;
  • helping preserve the UK’s heritage in BAT for future generations; and
  • maintaining an effective administration framework.

2019 – 2029 strategy

The new strategy continues in the same overal direction, but has been simplified to fit with project funding priorities.  It was finalised following consultation with a range of stakeholders.

Our overarching aim as the Government of BAT is to maintain its security and good governance.  To achieve this we have five headling objectives:

  1. To promote the British Antarctic Territory and UK in Antarctica, including by increasing awareness through education and outreach with partners;
  2. To protect the Territory’s environment, on the basis of thorough science and research;
  3. To preserve British heritage for future generations;
  4. Ensure there is an effective and proportionate legislative and administrative framework;
  5. To effectively administer the Territory, including managing finances in accordance with the best financial practise.

Read in full the British Antarctic Territory Strategy 2019 – 2029