Published 5th October 2020

Legislative Review: Consultation

The Government of the British Antarctic Territory (BAT) have, for several years, been undertaking a complete review of the Territory’s suite of legislation. The aim of the review was to update the legislation to ensure it better reflects the needs and practicalities of the Territory and its stakeholders, as well as to simplify where possible and ensure gender-neutral language.

The vast majority of the Territory’s current laws, known as Ordinances, were introduced in 1990. Some Ordinances have been amended/revised since that time, others are in need of updating or revision. The laws relate to a number of policy areas including the judicial system, the allocation of public funds, income tax, marriage and the environment. The BAT Government have worked with the BAT Attorney General to prepare updated Ordinances.

The BAT Commissioner can enact Ordinances for the “peace, order and good government of the Territory”.  However the BAT Government have been conscious that the Territory’s legislation should remain in step with broader UK policy, and that any changes to legislation should be subject to wide consultation. The BAT Government is now launching a formal public consultation.

Detail of the consultation and the full list of revised ordinances can be found here. The public consultation will last for 2 months until Monday 30 November.