Published 17th December 2021

Publication of new Legislation for the British Antarctic Territory

The Government of the British Antarctic Territory has published a set of new laws for the continued effective administration of the Territory.

The majority of previous laws had been in place since 1990, when existing laws at the time were revised and consolidated, replacing outdated colonial legislation.

Since 1990 there have been developing demands and increasing reliance on the laws of the Territory. There have also been changes in the ways in which laws are formatted and published.

The Administration therefore decided to undertake a law reform and revision exercise to ensure that the legislation better reflects the needs and practicalities of the Territory and its stakeholders, as well as to simplify where possible and ensure gender-neutral language.

The new laws incorporate modern language and style in a standardised format and layout, which ensures all laws of the Territory can be readily identified. They also include updates to take account for new developments.

Drafts of the new laws were published for consultation at the end of 2020, and we thank all those that participated and provided comments.

The full set of new laws has been published on the Legislation page of the British Antarctic Territory Government website.