Stamp Competition: Terms and Conditions

  1. The competition theme is “discovering Antarctica”: children are asked to design an image that best describes what this means to them as we mark 200 years since the continent was first sighted.
  2. The competition is open to any child aged 4 – 17 years old. Only one entry per child.
  3. Entries should be made on the official entry form (of which there is only one version available on the British Antarctic Territory website).  However we recognise that access to printers may be difficult during periods of self-isolation.  We can accept hand written entries but they must contain the same information that is currenty requested on the official form (i.e. name, age, address, signature of parent/guardian).  Please try to set out entries and consent as close to the official form as possible.  Stamp designs should be contained within a rectangle approximately 16cm by 11cm. For the consent form, you must confirm you agree to the conditions set out in the official consent form.
  4. Each entry must be hand drawn by the child, must be completely the child’s own original work and must not copy any other work. Drawings which copy other artwork will be disqualified. Drawings must be flat, so no collages, materials or textures. Please also avoid the use of fluorescent inks or highlighter pens.
  5. Children may use drawing packages on a computer or tablet as long as no part of the design is computer enhanced or generated. For example, the use of clip-art is not allowed. Entries in a digital format will not be accepted, so please ask children to design directly onto the competition entry form, or alternatively, to print out designs and affix to the official entry form in the blank space.
  6. Please encourage children to use lots of colour and avoid any unnecessary blank areas. The actual stamps will have a white border around the winning designs, as is usual on most stamps and the final stamp size will be around 4x3cm.
  7. Please ask children NOT to draw The Queen’s head, or the 1st or 2nd class symbols, or any value within the design area. These will be inserted by the printer: The Queen’s head will be located in the top right-hand corner, the value will be in the top left-hand corner and the name of the Territory ‘(British Antarctic Territory’) will be at the base of the design.
  8. All designs should be drawn within the template on the official A4 entry form (or within a rectangle approx 16cm by 11 cm if there is no access to a printer)
  9. After the designs have been completed, please ensure that the name of the child, address, age and parent/ guardian’s signature have been added on each entry form.
  10. Entries together with the consent forms should be sent to: British Antarctic Territory, W2.80, Overseas Territories Directorate, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH
  11. All competition entries must be received by 12 May 2020. Unfortunately, the Government of the British Antarctic Territory cannot return any entries to you.
  12. Please do not email entries, they must be posted to the address above.
  13. Entries from outside the UK can be accepted, but they must arrive by post before the closing date.
  14. The Government of the British Antarctic Territory accepts no responsibility for entries that are not received for any reason.
  15. The competition prize will be having their design featured in the “Discovering Antarctica” issue of stamps for the British Antarctic Territory. There will be four winning designs, one from each of the following age categories: 4-6 years; 7-9 years; 10-13 years; and 14-17 years. Each winner will receive a framed copy of the first issue First Day Cover (which will feature all of the winning stamps) together with two unframed First Day Covers and a certificate from the Commissioner of the British Antarctic Territory.
  16. The Government of the British Antarctic Territory retains the right to decide which design goes on which type of stamp and value. Please note that designs may be cropped and altered for the final stamps. All stamp designs are subject to approval by HM The Queen.
  17. The winners will be notified by the Government of the British Antarctic Territory by email and/or post.
  18. Entries, including the child’s name, age, village/town/city/county/region may be used to publicise the competition across various media platforms. The winning entries will be used on the “Discovering Antarctica” issue of stamps for the British Antarctic Territory. Personal details will be destroyed in line with the Territory’s Privacy Notice; they will not be retained any longer than necessary.
  19. The Government of the British Antarctic Territory reserves the right to hold, void, cancel, suspend or amend the competition or terms and conditions where it becomes necessary to do so.
  20. The prizes are not transferable and there is no cash alternative.
  21. The Government of the British Antarctic Territory’s decision on any aspect of the competition is final and binding.