Published 3rd April 2020

Underwater Cultural Heritage

In February 2020, the Marine Archaeology Sea Trust (MAST) completed the first stage in reviewing potentially significant Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) sites in the British Antarctic Territory and across the Southern Ocean.

This builds on the UCH Strategy for the British Antarctic Territory which was published in November 2018.

MAST have undertaken a desk-based assessment looking at the history of navigation of the Southern Ocean, the seabed geology and the natural environment. The report and its Annexes are now available.

This report examines the maritime history of Antarctica and the islands located in the Southern Ocean.  It looks at the potential impact on UCH, particularly focussing on the British Antarctic Territory and South Georgia.

Read the report

Learn more about MAST on their website

We are grateful to MAST for their continuing support in this area and look forward to engaging with them further to enhance our efforts to better protect marine archaeology in the British Antarctic Territory.