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Every year we release a number of commemorative postage stamps and coins which help promote our work and values. All income received from the sale of stamps and royalties from coins is re-invested back into the Territory.

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Midwinter’s Day 2020

Today, 21 June, is Midwinter Day in the British Antarctic Territory.  This annual event, which has its origins with Captain Scott, marks the mid-point of the Antarctic winter. HM Commissioner to the British Antarctic Territory, Ben Merrick, has written to the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) personnel currently stationed in Antarctica. I am writing to send…


World Albatross Day, 19 June 2020

Today, 19 June, marks the first ever World Albatross Day.  The day pays tribute to these magnificent birds.  However, these are also troubling times. Many albatross species are facing threats from mice, rats, cats and pigs which were introduced on islands where the Albatross breed.  Fishing gear is also a major issue with thousands of…

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Blog: 26 Seasons of Penguin Counting

Written by Ron Naveen, President of Oceanites With continued support from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Government of the British Antarctic Territory, the nonprofit science and education organisation, Oceanites, has completed the 26th consecutive field season of its unparalleled Antarctic Site Inventory (ASI) project. Antarctic Site Inventory (ASI) The ASI began in…


Blog: Port Lockroy’s postmaster

With thanks to the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust for this article Established over 75 years ago, as Britain’s first permanent base in Antarctica, Base A at Port Lockroy which stands on Goudier Island opened after Bransfield House was restored as a museum. Today it welcomes visitors to the site every summer season. Home to the…